Deepen Your Practice with Amy Johnson and Jayme Bushmiaer-Davis and the Karmany Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification

Our foundational 200-hour teacher training certification meets the requirements set by Yoga Alliance. This certification level is considered the gold-standard, whether you wish to teach yoga or simply want to have a more profound understanding of the practice. The only prerequisite is a strong desire to know more. During the training program, you will:

  • Learn over 200 classic poses along with adjustments, modifications, and intensifications for each
  • Develop a working knowledge of different schools of yoga, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, and hybrid forms of vinyasa flow
  • Study the history and philosophy of yoga, drawing from both ancient and modern sources
  • Study the basic principles of both Eastern and Western healing techniques, including basic anatomy, Ayurveda, acupressure, and meditation
  • Study and master breathing techniques
  • Develop strong communication skills and teaching techniques to help you become a better yoga teacher
  • Develop your own personal yoga philosophy and learn how use it to sequence and plan a class
  • Learn to live, love, and embrace the yogic lifestyle

Upcoming Teacher Certification Sessions

The 2018 YTT is currently underway.  The next training will be in Spring 2019.  Message me ( to receive notification when details are released.


The total cost of the Karmany Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Certification Program is $2700. You can reserve a spot with a $500 non-refundable deposit (applied towards tuition balance).

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Payment Plans:

If you extend payments past the first day of training, there is an additional 8% fee. Payments can begin at any time and the balance must be paid by the last day of training. Email Jayme at to organize your payments.

About Amy and Jayme:

Amy and Jayme have been teaching yoga in DFW for a combined 25 years (14 and 11 years respectively). They have assisted, facilitated, and led over 19 teacher training sessions, and have helped over 150 students in DFW become certified instructors. They see the role of teacher as an honor, and they make sure aspiring teachers have the proper tools to communicate the practice of yoga confidently and competently. The classes provide one-to-one attention to help you reach your personal goals.