Vinyasa Yoga

Each student from beginner to seasoned practitioner is guided through an exhilarating and rejuvenating breath-based flow. Although considered vigorous in nature, you are encouraged to work at your own energetic, physical and spiritual pace. Be prepared to sweat and unleash your potential! You can choose from 10 min quickie, 30, 45, and 60 minute classes. A yoga mat and blocks is all you need!

Functional Flow

Inspired by the process of healing my scoliosis, this class is a conglomeration of my work with PT’s, structural integrationists, yoga teachers, and other movement specialist over the last 20 years. The purpose is to bring a deeper awareness to your own body’s asymmetries and provide simple exercises, movement, and insight to restore balance that will help relieve general discomfort to chronic pain. Beginners can enjoy functional flow, however it will resonate more to those that exercise regularly to athletes as the work requires a substantial amount of body awareness in order to really feel the benefits. These classes 60 minutes and you’ll need yoga blocks, blanket, and a yoga strap.

Tai Chi

As a form of martial art, the movements represent various strikes, kicks and deflections but are practiced in a “no contact” fashion which is soft, fluid, breath based, and deeply internal. The forms you’ll practice are taken from the Lightening Fire Mountain System of Tibetan Kung Fu in which I am level 4 and my husband, Doug, is a Master. Tai Chi has many benefits from strengthening the body (specifically the joints) to healing aches and pains, to calming the mind and cultivating a deep energetic awareness of the world around us. Studies have also shown because of the non-linear movements, it slows down the brain’s aging process. Choose between 30, 45, or 60 minutes classes. All levels and you don’t need any equipment!

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

These classes were inspired by my daily ritual of silent sitting. Each one is a little different, so check the description for details. A perfect way to start or end your day or as a mid-day break. Each class is generally 30 minutes with 10 – 15 minutes for meditation.



Included when you have a subscription to my online studio via Namastream. CLICK HERE for details. 

Tuesday 4:30 PM Vinyasa Yoga

Thursday 4:30 PM Functional Flow

Saturday 9:00 AM Tai Chi

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